Day by Day

Day by Day

Monday, February 24, 2014

Round 2

Hey Team Madonia! Sorry for the lack of posts, it has been very hard for me to do much of anything these past two weeks. I have been extremely tired during my two weeks of rest from chemo. I was able to make it to work 6 days these past 2 weeks which was a full schedule of 12 hour shifts, so I was glad that I was able to do that. However that along with the fatigue from the chemo and a couple other hiccups didn't leave me much energy for anything else. Other than the fatigue, the side effects from chemo were not too bad. My blood counts were pretty stable and the nausea subsided a few days after I was discharged. I had a couple days of really bad bone pain from my nuelasta shot which helps boost my white blood cell count. I have had this shot several times before and never had such severe pain from it. I also got an abscess in my gums from a previous root canal I had done. This seems to happen every time I get chemo so unfortunately there may be some extra dental work in my near future, yay! 

I have noticed that chemo has been much harder on me this time around. When I was 20 years old doing chemo, I still had energy to get to the gym and train through everything. Now, at the ripe old age of 26, I don't even want to get out of bed! I think a lot plays into this, including working 6 night shifts and having a house to take care of now. But I also think that I may have just been a little crazier 6 years ago! During this next cycle I will do my best to train at least 3 day a week no matter how light I have to keep things. I know this will give me more energy in, I just have to fight through the first few days.

I am working on having some different patients and parents of patients post on the blog to tell their story. I have the privilege of seeing some amazing parents and kids battle this terrifying disease and I really would like to share some of their stories! Not only do those people help motivate me through my fight, I think that they really help put life in perspective and make you appreciate the good things in life that much more. I have been told that the grey t shirts are selling like crazy so a big thank you to everyone who has purchased them! I love seeing the pics so keep them coming! 

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